Anderson Cooper Thought Seth Meyers Was Gay, And Them Giggling About It Is Adorable

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Anderson Cooper on Late Night with Seth Meyers March 2014Apparently Anderson Cooper thought that Seth Meyers was gay when the two of them first met, and am I crazy to think they'd actually make an adorable couple?

They first crossed paths a few years ago, when they were both members of what Anderson calls ‘pretty much the gayest gym on the planet'…a confusing place for Seth to be wandering around, trying to work up the nerve to use the equipment:

Anderson: “I assumed you were gay, because there weren't a lot of other reasons to be there.”

Seth: “Well I will say, it's before you officially came out — so I assumed it was straight because you were there.”

Anderson: “That I do not believe for a second.”

And then oh how they laughed! Honestly you guys, they talk for a full three minutes about all the times they shared together in that gym, how Seth would never venture below the third ‘gay-friendly' level down to the ‘gay-curious' level, let alone to the ‘full gay' level that you had to literally go behind a candelabra to access.

Every time you think they're about to move on to a new topic, Anderson remembers being too bashful to say hello until the day after he'd been spoofed on Saturday Night Live, or Seth recalls approaching Anderson when he was on the treadmill:

“You were running at like the fastest speed, and you were like, “Hey how's it going?” You were so calm, and I was more winded just from making my way across the gym to you.”

And of course they have to nerd out over Fred Armisen for a bit, and giggles are exchanged, and it's just so wonderful to imagine a world where these two could have been a power couple, because I would watch them do this all day long.

Seth: “Well, now that we've finally set the record straight that i'm not gay.

Anderson: “If that's how you want to play it Seth, that's fine.”

They're my new favorite fantasy couple, and I refuse to apologize for it.