Welcome To Your Weirdest Fever Dream Ever: Spider-Man Rescuing Anderson Cooper On New Year’s Eve

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Anderson Cooper is adorable, from his giggle attacks to his own befuddlement at his obsession with reality stars like Kate Gosselin and Courtney Stodden. He is not, however, a great actor. We can't blame him, though, since he had to participate in perhaps the cheesiest part of the New Year's Eve festivities: Getting kidnapped by the Green Goblin from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and having to keep a straight face.

This video is almost painful to watch; excepting the high production values, it plays like a bad tenth-grade English project where the acting is wooden and the plot is indecipherable. At least Reeve Carney is there to swoop in and throw silly string on the Green Goblin; that's more than they could say for my high-school video project of The Scarlet Letter.