Some Changes Anderson Cooper Should Make To The Today Show If He Replaces Matt Lauer

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Anderson Cooper 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards New York City March 16 2013

First we got the news that Jimmy Fallon is probably going to replace Jay Leno at The Tonight Show, and now there's a rumor going around that Anderson Cooper could replace “glib” Matt Lauer on The Today Show. It's like Ryan Gosling God decided we deserved a treat and chose to rearrange TV hosts to get us closer and closer to television perfection.

Sources at NBC are just full of happy news these days, it seems, because according to TMZ they're saying that the network has approached Anderson about replacing Matt at some point. And Matt is reportedly totally okay with it, so that probably adds to the likelihood that it could happen. Apparently he wanted to meet with Anderson about it (If Anderson could find a spare millisecond in his superhuman schedule) but put it off because of a recent New York magazine article that portrays him in a negative light and gives some interesting if unflattering insight into what happens behind-the-scenes at The Today Show.

But enough about Matt Lauer. Let's focus on the idea that Anderson Cooper might be a host on The Today Show. Since his talk show was not renewed for a third season (even thought it's great), he'll have to fill that space in his schedule somehow. And I think he's a natural choice. On his CNN show Anderson Cooper 360, he reports on serious, hard-hitting news, something that The Today Show does in the wee hours of the morning before moving on to three hours of vacation tips. Anderson has that style of reporting down pat, but he can also be goofy during the inevitable vacation tips. And if Anderson implemented the following suggested changes to the show's format as new co-host, the show would soar to number one in no time.

1. Bring back Ann Curry. Ann's ousting, and how it was handled by the show, was really disappointing, and it lost Matt a lot of fans. If Matt welcomed Ann back, it would look like a desperate attempt to get ratings. If Anderson welcomed her back, it would be like a Siberian husky welcoming a guest at the door — adorable and heartwarming.

2. Take one recipe out of each damn cooking segment. Unrelated to Anderson, but I think the show would listen to him if he suggested it. Seriously. There is never enough time for every recipe, and you put them all online anyway, so just cut it shorter.

3. Have Kathy Griffin sit in on every taping to tell jokes and make Anderson laugh. I look forward to New Year's Eve every year so I can watch Anderson and Kathy host the ball drop on CNN. Witnessing Kathy cracking jokes and Anderson giggling in discomfort is like seeing the face of God. Make every day New Year's.

4. Make one hour of the show Anderson sitting at a desk talking about silly things. The other day I watched Anderson spend five minutes on his talk show freaking out after discovering that Chinese food containers open up to become plates. “This will change your life,” he said before announcing the news. And you know what? It did change my life.

5. Tell the people in the audience at those outdoor concerts to stop lip-syncing to the song. This is just a selfish request, because it always bothers me when fans of One Direction or Blake Shelton feel the need to lip-sync to whatever song the artist is performing directly into the camera. I defy any of them to refuse Anderson's polite request for them to stop.

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