George Takei Surprises A Young Gay Fan On Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show

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New Jersey teen Jacob Rudolph made internet waves when he came out as gay to his entire school in a moving speech during an assembly earlier this month. Now, those waves have helped him meet someone he admires a lot: Star Trek actor, gay rights advocate, and all around awesome person George Takei.

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper had Jacob on his daytime talk show Anderson to tell his story, and it was super sweet. Anderson mentioned that he'd heard Takei was a role model of Jacob's and he said that yes, indeed he was. “Having grown up in the 50s as a Japanese gay man and then coming out and having such a wonderful success and becoming such an advocate, he's an incredible person,” he said. And then Anderson got a little bit Oprah on us.

“He actually wanted to be here today to meet you, so let's meet him. George, are you here?” he said, pressing one of the many buttons he has under his desk which he can use to summon a variety of gay and gay-friendly celebrities at any time.

Takei hugged the excited teen, then sat down and told him how great he is. “I was bursting. I thought it as just a fantastic statement. And you are pulling at that wagon of equality with the rest of us, so thank you very much for that. I'm very proud of you.”

OMFG! Did all of this kid's dreams just come true? I am sure that they did. And just in case you are now wondering “what did he do to deserve such high praise from the marvelous George Takei?” here is the original video of him coming out to his school. What a brave kid.

(Via GayStarNews)