And J-Lo’s Gyno Says…

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See, this is why I'd hate to be a celebrity. Even your gyno weighs in on how you'd be as a mother. As if!

The doctor is said to have “heaped praise on the newest celebrity mum” saying J-Lo will be a great mom. She also said the Caesarian birth was “easy and uncomplicated”.

Whew – well we were holding our breath for that alright.

I don't know about you, but the other thing that bugs me when someone first becomes a parent is all the unsolicited advice. If you ask for it, fine, but when you don't it's just plain rude. Everyone wants to talk about the fact that they are a parent. Woo hoo. Well talk to your family about it. Don't heap “suggestions” on someone when they probably don't want to hear it.

To that end, Snoop Dog has some advice for J-Lo as well. Now, I'm guessing someone just approached him and asked him to say a few words. I don't think he called her up and said, “Okay – here's what you gotta do now!”

I know Snoop has that show about fatherhood and all, but wow somehow it's hard for me to picture him with little ones. Still, Snoop's advice to J-Lo is:

“One baby at a time. She's going to have a good time with it. Babies are beautiful, especially having two at one time. I wish her luck, and that her babies remain safe and healthy.”

Amen to that, Snoop.