Meet Paul Rudd’s Mustache, Proof That Anchorman 2 Is Almost Here

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Meet Paul Rudd s Mustache  Proof That Anchorman 2 Is Almost Here Paul Rudd mustache pngIt’s finally here — solid proof that Anchorman 2 is almost upon us. And this time, it’s more than just a fever dream that I have after I eat a few too many animal crackers in the shape of Will Ferrell before bed. It’s not a rumor, or an interview, or a grainy photo through a window. Oh no, it’s much more than that. This proof is a living, breathing proof, and it hung off the front of Paul Rudd‘s face when he went on The Today Show this morning to promote his new movie Admission with Tina Fey. It’s…drumroll please…his mustache!

Meet Paul Rudd s Mustache  Proof That Anchorman 2 Is Almost Here Paul Rudd Anchorman 2 gif

Oop, I’m being informed by a producer in my ear that mustaches are neither living nor breathing, so my clues were a little bit misleading. I’m sorry about that, I just got so excited watching it waggle around on his face in these GIFs that my imagination got away from me. I was imagining opening a box at Christmas and having Paul’s mustache hop out, wriggling its butt like a little puppy. And then I’d teach it how to walk and pee on newspaper instead of peeing outside (I have a known vendetta against all printed news) and take it on walks in the park and we’d be fast friends. But in real life it’s just a collection of hairs that all grown next to each other to catch sandwich on the way to the mouth, so I guess none of my exotic plans were ever really possible.

But regardless, it seems like this Anchorman sequel is drawing nearer, and that Paul’s character Brian Fantana will be involved, whether the world is ready or not. Either that, or Paul is having a facial hair related mid-life crisis. To be honest, it doesn’t matter much to me either way; I’ll gladly pay $13 for a ticket to watch either one.

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