5 Hilarious Videos To Celebrate Amy Schumer’s Movie Getting A Release Date

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Amy Schumer Miami Beach Florida April 19 2013

I feel like we, as a people, have some wrongs to make right. Or just one really big wrong, which is the fact that we don't spend all of the hours in our days talking about Amy Schumer. She's an awesome comedian and her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, is a shining gem with a sexual euphemism nestled right into the title. And now, we've got one more thing to love about her because her movie, Trainwreck, just got a summer 2015 release date. While that might seem like a long time from now, just remember that it's been just about that long since Miley Cyrus first shaved her head but that doesn't stop me from thinking about that every night before I go to sleep. And, let me tell you, if it's anything like her other comedy work, it'll be hilarious and well worth the wait.

So, in order to celebrate the happy news that we're about to get a brand new funny movie to love with all our hearts, here are my 5 favorite videos by Amy Schumer. They're in no particular order, unless you count “from fantastic to amazing” a particular order, in which case, okay maybe they are.

1. One Night Stand

Okay, so buying a burial plot for you and your one night stand is overkill, but everything up to the wedding cake testing is still cool, right? I'm asking for a friend.

2. Compliments

In which, Amy pokes fun at the fact that women are generally terrible at receiving compliments. It's one of my favorite videos because, wow, it could not be more spot on.

3. Sexting

Because sexting is weird and there's no way around that. Also, I think that what people want to hear more than anything else is that they're safe in their apartment. Let's make safeting a thing, which is where you just tell the other person that they're safe over and over again.

4. Abusive Couple

Everyone's been around a particularly shout-y couple, but this is by far my favorite one. I just hope that they can learn to be a little more considerate to one another. Wishing someone's DVR cuts off before an episode is finished? That's low.

5. Urban Fitters

So perfect.

Trainwreck is set to hit theaters July 24, 2015. 

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