Amy Schumer Messed Up The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In The Funniest Way Possible

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Amy Schumer I wanna hug your penis GIF

Right back at you, Amy.


We must all bow down to Amy Schumer, for she is our true leader in hilariousness, and after her response to the ALS ice bucket challenge, we may never doubt her again.

While I absolutely support research into Lou Gehrig's Disease, and no one can deny that this ice bucket challenge has been an extremely effective fundraising tool, I have to admit that I was getting pretty tired of logging onto Facebook and seeing another twenty-five videos of people patting themselves on the back for pouring slightly chilled water down their fronts. Especially because so many people were forgetting the important part — to actually talk about the cause they were funding, and to donate money regardless. (The point is that you either donate $100 and stay dry, or cut it down to $10 and have to pour water on your head as punishment, but that aspect has been getting lost in the shuffle.)

Basically, I'd accepted the fact that for as great a cause as it is, I wasn't going to be able to watch another video of a celebrity messing it up without being annoyed. Enter Amy Schumer. Glorious comedy genius that she is, the Instagram video that Amy posted opens with her in her lingerie, apparently getting psyched up to get hit with water. She starts to pick up a wine-chilling bucket in front of her that you assume is filled with ice water, and then takes out a can of Progresso New England clam chowder instead, and douses herself with that. It is so disgusting and amazing, I'm basically gagging right now just thinking about it. (But in a good way?)

The only thing I wish she'd done is say whether she'd donated or not (I'm assuming she did), but hey — she linked to the site in her caption and she was covered in creamy clams, so it seems like she had bigger things on her mind, y'know?