5 Reasons U.S. Soccer Player Amy Rodriguez Rocks

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I'm a Notre Dame girl. U.S. women's soccer forward and gold medalist Amy Rodriguez? A USC Trojan. If I'm saying this girl is awesome, you can bet your ass she's extraordinary.

Not only has “A-Rod” displayed incredible dedication on the field and in the classroom, earning her B.A. in Psychology in 2009, but she also carves out time in her busy schedule for PUMA' s Project Pink. Through the influence of soccer as well as the courage and support of young women around the country, Project Pink works to raise breast cancer awareness by inviting everyone to contribute to the cause. Not only do 100% of the profits from Project Pink gear get donated toward breast cancer charities, but PUMA will also donate $1 every time a fan tweets the hashtag #projectpink. Here are the top five reasons to keep an eye out for this speedy, talented and charitable player during this year's run.

1. Her birthday is one day before mine. Not only is it one day before mine, it's February 17. Obviously, that would be the date of birth of my childhood idol, one Mr. Michael Jordan. More to the point, her USC bio says her biggest sports hero is Michael Jordan! Birth buddies, sports idol buddies.

2. In 2008, Amy had the assist to the gold-winning goal in extra-time in the Olympic final. If it weren't for her, the United States women's soccer team might not have won a gold medal. She made a play that won the game that won our country a gold medal in the Olympics. She had just turned 21 years old.  As if that's not impressive enough, in 2012 she set a record by scoring five goals in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying match — and then went on to help her team win a gold medal.

3. She's a movie quoter random thing spouter. And this video exists.

4. She married USC water polo player Adam Shilling in October, and they're adorable! They don't seem at all like the bad Trojans I've come to hate in my Irish career.

5. She is an excellent hair braider, as evidenced by her sweet game do. In other news, she even looks good while arguing with officials.

Feeling inspired by Amy? Though you might not be to able to jump on a plane and head over to London to celebrate, you can help her in PUMA's mission to eradicate breast cancer by getting involved with Project Pink. So get started now by tweeting out the hashtag #projectpink and encouraging your friends to do the same.

(Photos: Paul Rudderow/PhillySoccerPage, Ennvy.com, Twitter User aasoccer123)


This post is sponsored by PUMA Project Pink.