Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Sat Together Backstage At The Emmys And We Spied On Them

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Amy Poehler and Will Arnett Emmys backstage 2013

Psst, you over there watching the 2013 Emmys, wondering if Neil Patrick Harris has lost his hosting mojo. Did you know there's this magical livestream on the show's website that allows you to spy on celebrities while they hang out backstage in the fancy schmancy green room or give press interviews after they win? Well, there is. And it's making our dreams of being legal celebrity stalkers come true, one celebrity mingle at a time. It's also where we caught divorced couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett sitting together. Like, side by side. Also they were talking. And not in that “Ooh, this is awkward, we're at the same thing right now. I'll make a quick comment and then make a beeline for the appetizers” sort of way. But as in they committed to sitting next to each other and made sounds with their mouths in each other's directions.

Since we at Crushable felt like our hearts had been torn in two and stomped on when these two extremely funny people broke up, we were especially excited to see them getting along at such a fancy event. So excited that we screencapped it to share with you and save for posterity. And also to print out and glue in our scrapbooks with heart stickers and fuzzy pipe cleaners around it. Is the screencap above not enough for you? Here's another one with a better view of their profiles so you know it's really them.

Amy Poehler Will Arnett Emmts Backstage 2013

Is this creepy? Maybe. But it's also amazing, so… DILEMMA. Here's to the two of them getting along and conning their little son Abel into saying S-heavy phrases in his adorable lisp. Even if they can't make our dreams come true and get back together, and even if they've both moved on to new lovahs as if that's acceptable, at least their kids have parents who are able to sit next to each other pleasantly backstage at award shows. And that's all any child of divorce could ask for, really.

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