Hearing Amy Poehler Talk About Love Forces Me To Buy Another Ticket For The Emotional Roller Coaster

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After hearing the news about Amy Poehler and Will Arnett getting a divorce, I retired to my bathtub where I spent my weekend alternating between crying hysterically and sobbing softly. Then I called President Obama and implored him to do the right thing and cancel Valentine's Day this year. Cancel all the holidays. What's the point of celebrating Arbor Day if I know that Amy and Will aren't celebrating it together!?

And then, I got out of the bathtub and committed myself to continuing to live life. Even if we all know there's no point anymore. Also the tub has no internet access. It's hard for me to go more than 5 minutes without knowing the status of Miley Cyrus' hair.

Luckily for me, I found this gem online this morning. It's a video from the latest episode of Ask Amy, Amy Poehler's awesome web series for girls. If only I'd grown up with her sage advice — I'd be an entirely different woman today. I'd probably know to how to correctly put on make-up, and my shirt wouldn't be so wrinkled. Also I'd be a judge on The Voice.

While Amy addresses body image this week and gives great advice to girls (and really every woman out there who sometimes questions her physical appearance), she ends up talking about love. Not her specific love, but finding love in general.

She says sadly to the camera, “Don't worry about finding love, you will always find love. There's a pot for every lid, that's what my Nana would say.”

As much as I wanted to shout back at my computer that she just threw her lid away, I restrained myself. Maybe, just maybe, Nana knows what she's talking about. Perhaps Will Arnett isn't Amy's lid. Even if he's a hilarious, talented and successful lid. He might not be the right one for her.

May they both find the lid for their pot.

And may I find a therapist willing to help me work through other couples' relationship problems.