Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Go From Cutest Married Couple To Cutest Divorced Couple

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Despite an impending divorce that dooms true love forever and ever, Will Arnett attended Amy Poehler's birthday party this weekend with their sons Archie and Abel.

God, I love them as a divorced couple already.

In fact, I think I'm already ready to have them over for dinner. All I have to do is get married, then get divorced, then reconcile with my ex-husband and then plan the perfect dinner party menu. Do you think Amy and Will like quinoa? Or am I getting ahead of myself here.

After all, it was just one birthday party.

One super, mature birthday party. If they're already handling their divorce this well, things can only get better.

They could even win the highly coveted “best divorced couple” trophy in 2013, a trophy that's somehow currently in the possesion of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. Excuse me while I puke from national disgrace at the thought of them being our most mature divorced couple.

While I'm getting sick over that thought, feel free to call The Gap. Amy and Will could be up to another holiday sweater shoot.  I am just so excited about all the potential their divorce has for them!

(Photo: Warm Machine Heartstrings)