Amy Poehler Prank Calls Seth Meyers’ During His Guest Spot On Watch What Happens Live

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Everyone knows that Amy Poehler is an awesome and funny lady. But in case you needed a reminder of that, here is a video of her prank calling Seth Meyers during his appearance on Andy Cohen‘s talk show Watch What Happens Live.

Last night, a person who called herself “Soko from New Hampshire” called into the show to talk to guest¬†Seth Meyers. “What's your favorite part of working with Amy Poehler?” she asked him.

“Amy has an incredible energy about her,” replied. “She's the funniest person on earth, but she makes everyone feel really funny.” To which Soko said: “Thank you so much.” Suspicious.

“Is this Amy Poehler?” asked Andy Cohen, and hey, what do you know, it was! (I'm not sure how he kept himself from screaming like Lucille Bluth during this big reveal.) “You're such a jerk!” said Seth. “Here I am being earnest and sweet about you.”

But Amy was ready to be nice to Seth now. When asked if she and Tina Fey would be willing to host the Oscars, Amy said, “Andy, this is Seth's night. I don't want to take anything away from him.” And, on the best part of working with Seth, “Every once in a while when I would squint, it felt like I was sitting next to Eddie Redmayne.” Seth should be psyched about this.

Another Oscar question dodge, and it was over. You just got Poehlered! But just for the record, I would really like to know the answer to that question, too. I think we could all use a few hours of feminist comedy after the boring, sexist grossness that was Seth MacFarlane.

(Via Bravo)