Tina Fey Is Helping Amy Poehler Use Seth Meyers’ Credit Card, Because They Are The Literal Best

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Tina Fey Amy Poehler high five Golden Globes

Last week on Late Night, Seth Meyers told a delightful story about how he and his good friend and former Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler accidentally took each other's credit cards home from dinner. And how even after he sent Amy's back to her she decided to hold his hostage and send him photographic evidence of her theft. If you thought at the time that the only thing that could make it better is if Tina Fey was involved, I'm pleased to inform you that your dreams have come true, because that very thing happened.

Last night on the show, Seth gave the audience an update about the stolen card and said he had hoped Tina would take his side and tell Amy how wrong she was to do what she did. Not sure why he'd think that since she and Amy are totes BFFs and have also already gotten into a prank war with another gentleman by the name of George Clooney. Sadly for Seth but luckily for people all over the world who love funny things, Tina took Amy's side and is now her partner-in-crime.

Oh and don't you worry, there's photographic evidence of Tina's involvement too, in the form of an “in your face,” shop-til-you-drop picture of the two of them showing off the card. I think I speak for most people when I say I hope this whole thing never ever comes to an end. Tina and Amy doing anything together is enough to make my day, but maybe we can add some more SNL alums into the mix. Is Maya Rudolph available? Perhaps Kristen Wiig can join in? Seth said he was going to see Amy soon, so I'll be waiting with bated breath for an update about their encounter.

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