Um, Did We Already Know That Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are In Anchorman 2??

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Tina Fey Amy Poehler Sacha Baron Cohen catfight on Anchorman 2 set May 2013Um, GUYS. Was it already public knowledge that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are appearing in Anchorman 2?! I'm psyched and all, but I have a couple problems — A. if this is old news, how in all the blazes of hell did I miss it the first time around? And B. if this is new news, why isn't the internet exploding in an inferno of joy and glory? Because this is the best thing ever. The. Categorical. Best.

Apparently there were little whispers on Monday that our two favorite ladies in the entire ladyverse were spotted in Atlanta filming a cameo for the Anchorman sequel, but this is the first time there has been actual documentable proof that hasn't spontaneously combusted with its own joy of proving such a grand grand thing.

Tina Fey Amy Poehler Sacha Baron Cohen catfight on Anchorman 2 set May 2013Look! Look at them fighting each other with crowbars! In handy collage form because people on Tumblr are much better at the internet than I am. And no, your eyes don't deceive you, because that is indeed Sacha Baron Cohen fighting with Tina and Amy. But I don't really care about that, because I'm still too busy being dazzled by my two faves. Look at them laughing! Amy baaaarely has it together, and Tina's got a little smirk of her own going. I just so desperately want to live in a world where my job is to go to a film set and fake beat the shit out of my best friend until everybody's laughing too hard for it to be a legitimate take anymore. I would be obsessed with that if it were me, and turns out I'm still obsessed now when it's not. Can't wait to see this cameo…and the blooper reel, OBV.

(Images: Thibault Monnier / Pacific Coast News / Tumblr)