Amy Poehler Once Again Proves There Is No One Greater Than Amy Poehler

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Amy Poehler wearing black dress at event April 2013Honestly, at this point, I'm not totally clear on why they keep making a new guest list for the Time 100 Gala every year. Based on how much I love her and how wonderful she is, they should just let Amy Poehler host it, and invite everyone in her Rolodex. I mean think about it — she knows some pretty awesome people after her time with Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and Upright Citizens Brigade. I mean, this is a woman who got Vice President Joe Biden to guest star on her show…she guest-starred on Arrested Developmentshe posed with Hilary Clinton at last year's Gala. I defy you to find me someone who would fail to return her phone call, no matter what industry they're in. But even though they won't yet let allow her to be master of ceremonies and president of everything at the Time 100 Gala (or the world!), true to form, Amy was as charming and witty as always. When Vulture asks her what the most exciting thing is about the Gala, she says:

“Oh! Well, get invited, that's always nice. Wow. Honestly, it's the coolest night, because you get to meet incredibly smart, dynamic, forward-thinking people — and also, actors are here.”

Ayoooo! Actor dig! Eat shit, beautiful people! But because she's the best person ever, the famous actors aren't even the people she's most interested in rubbing shoulders with. I mean, to be fair, why would she? I'm pretty sure celebrities volunteer to like, do her gardening and take her Leslie Knope power suits to the cleaners. That's how cool she is. But she's not interested in that:

“Well, let's see. I'm actually excited to meet the three physicians [Hannah Gay, Katherine Luzuriaga, and Deborah Persaud] who cured AIDS in newborn babies. Seems like tonight should really just be the three of them onstage, and the rest of us should be, the rest of us should be uh … [motions in the back].”

Of course. Of course Amy would be more excited about AIDS physicians than about other celebrities. I love that. And finally, she had some inspiring words to share about the bombings at the Boston Marathon last week:

“You know, Boston's the best city in the world. I love it; I love everything about Boston. I love the spirit, the intelligence, the open-mindedness, the narrow-mindedness, I love how grouchy everybody is, I love how loving everybody is. I'm happy for the…you know what I loved? I have some relatives who work in hospitals, and I loved Boston hospitals getting their shine. Even though it was such a terrible tragedy, but those hospitals are the best in the world, and I was so proud to be from there.”

I know the feeling, Amy. I'm proud to be from the planet earth just because I know you live here too.

(Image: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)