Get Ready To Feel Real Jealous Of Seth Meyers For Getting His Credit Card Stolen By Amy Poehler

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If you'd ask me on any other day before this one whether I could ever feel jealous of someone who had their credit card stolen, I would have told you absolutely not. But that was before I watched this video from Late Night of Seth Meyers telling a story about the time his friend and former Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler stole his credit card. Why'd she steal his credit card and not mine? That is so not fair.

I guess I'm mostly just jealous about how the story starts, with Seth and Amy having dinner together. I love that they're friends, and it warms my cold black heart that they still hang out together. But it's just that I've been having dinner with Amy Poehler in my dreams for like ten years now, and I was kind of hoping one of these days those dreams would come true, but Seth's hogging Amy's dinner time a little bit. I suppose I can excuse it considering the adorable story that came out of the time they accidentally took each other's cards home from the restaurant.

When Seth realized, he acted like the sensible gentleman that he is and informed Amy of the mistake. But Amy, being the mischievous comedy sprite that she is (How do we feel about that nickname? Think it'll catch on?), wouldn't make the necessary exchange so easily. She even sent him photographic evidence of herself holding his card hostage. Seth was kind enough to share the hilarious photo on the show. If we could just make every episode of Late Night from now on feature an “Amy Poehler Story Time” segment, I'd stay up to watch every night, I promise. And if Amy Poehler actually made appearances during those segments, I'd campaign to keep Seth on the air until the end of time.

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