Riddle Me This: How Does Amy Poehler Continue To Give The Best Advice Ever?

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Smart Girls Ask Amy web seriesWhile I don't want to get all “Salem Witch Trials” on you so early in the morning, I do want to point out that I think Amy Poehler may be a witch. How else does she always know what I need to hear, when I need to hear it?? RIDDLE ME THAT! It's like she has a timeshare inside of my brain and always stops by at exactly the right moment.

Just this morning as I struggled to get out of bed, I see that the latest episode of her amazing Ask Amy series is all about sleep. Yes, sleep. That wonderfully magical thing that I attempt to do every single night of the week. Yes, even on Sundays. Despite the fact that this series appears to be geared toward the American Girl doll crowd, I still love to listen. Because you know what, sometimes it's not just 10-year-old girls who need a reminder that sleep's important.

Sometimes it's adults too! Adults who make poor decisions (coincidentally timed with the weekend) and don't always prioritize their sleep in the way they need to. It's these same adults who try to substitute sleeping with copious amounts of caffeine in hopes that the body can be tricked into staying awake for hundreds of hours on end. The very same adults who end up making horribly stupid sleep-deprived decisions that they feel like are completely sponsored by a 2 A.M can of Red Bull and a drunk stranger in the bathroom who's all like “definitely, definitely do that!”

So yeah it's not the worst idea for adults to listen to this episode too. And remember how much better they feel after a good night's rest. Happy weekend, may your own personal late night decisions be ever in your favor!