Amy Poehler Tells Seth Meyers About Her Torrid Affair With Fred Armisen, Things Get Awkward

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Amy Poehler Seth Meyers February 2014

Last night Seth Meyers made his debut as the host of Late Night on a funky set that looks like it was reconstructed from Don Draper's living room. His first guest was his former Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler. She was a great choice to start out the show, because she and Seth have a great rapport, and Amy is just plain awesome. I'm sure Seth was thrilled to have his friend there with him. If only he could have predicted what happened next.

You might want to put on some dramatic soap opera music, preferably on a record player, because it's the only appropriate sound effect for what I'm about to recount. Amy Poehler sits across from Seth Meyers in a weirdly undersized chair (Seriously, am I the only one who think that chair looks tiny?), having a pleasant conversation about how exciting it is that Seth has his own show. But then Seth decides to point out that Fred Armisen is present. Fred, you might recall, is Seth's band leader. He's also Amy's ex-lover. Like, duh. Needless to say, things get deliciously awkward. And by deliciously awkward I do mean that if it were possible to turn awkwardness into food I would scrape that plate until every last drop was in my belly. Especially if it had cheese in it. And then I'd have a bowl of sexual tension as dessert.

Seeing these three together again and acting silly not only gives me hope for Seth Meyers' show but also makes me think he should just use it as an opportunity to have an SNL party every night. I'd be totally okay if Late Night With Seth Meyers just turned into The SNL Alum Talk Show. So many silly Kristen Wiig costumes, so little time.