All I Want To Do Today Is Hang Out With Amy Poehler And Paul Rudd

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Sometimes there are celebrities who make me feel like a giddy 16-year old trapped in a 24-year old's body. They make me want to Google their home address so I can accidentally bump into them on the street and we'll get to talking and they'll invite me up for tea and we'll become fast friends. Or that I'll somehow invent a Freaky Friday-style potion that makes us switch lives so I can spend just one day being so awesome that it hurts. Or at least put up posters of them on my wall so I can practice making out on/with them. These are just a few of the little stirrings that happen in my belly when I see celebrities that I really really like. And two of those celebrities happen to be Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd.

But like I said, I'm not 16 anymore. I'm 24, and far too mature to be tricked into the same immature musings of my youth. I know better than to assume that if I write Amy Poehler forty-eight letters asking really politely, that she'll put me on Parks and Recreation. And I know better than to think that poking my tongue on a poster of Paul Rudd is going to make me any better at making out with real, live humans. But all those mature thoughts go out the window when I see two celebrity objects of my affections hanging out with each other in real life.


It triggers some sort of button in me that sends me right back where I used to be. And, of course, as fate would have it, Amy and Paul are shooting a movie together right now called They Came Together, so they've been doing a lot of things together. Like filming, and strolling, and laughing, and dressing up in matching Benjamin Franklin costumes. You know, just casual friend stuff THAT I WOULD TOTALLY BE GREAT AT, YOU GUYS SO PLEASE PICK ME TO BE YOUR NEW, NON-CELEBRITY BEST FRIEND!!

…I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump out of my chair and yell like that. But please, coach, take me off the bench and put me in the game! I really really want to hang out with these two and I really think we'd all have fun at Coney Island together. Or Central Park. Or the Statue of Liberty. I mean wherever you guys wanna go is fine.

I get that I'm acting like a raving lunatic right now, internet, I get that. It's just that as a blogger, I get so used to celebrities who are either boring normal people who got famous, or over-dramatic divas who are crashing hard. So when I see two people who I think are really funny, genuine, smart, and talented appear to actually enjoy each other in real life sans the Twitter feuds, paparazzi drama, and drunk-driving busts, I think that's pretty awesome. And that's all that the newly mature person that I am today has to say about that.

No but seriously guys, it's my birthday next week. Invite me to one of your awesome conversations. I'll bring chicken salad and notecards.

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