Video: Here’s A Supercut Of Parks And Recreation’s Leslie Knope Doing 16 Different Impressions

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Nothing, besides maybe seeing Skyler White bust a cap in her husband's skull, can match the joy I will feel when Parks and Recreation returns to the small screen next spring. But this supercut of Leslie Knope (i.e. Amy Poehler‘s) many impressions¬†sure comes close!

Over the course of the show, Amy Poehler has often busted out her bad ass impression skills to mark her character as a lover of corny fun, and this supercut captures most, if not all of them. They are, in order:


Ah-nold Schwarzenegger


miscellaneous cockney person

Andy‘s “aunt”

a Southern belle

Ron Swanson

a Russian person

a computer generated voice

an adult turkey

an adolescent turkey

Tom Haverford(!!!)

Rodney Dangerfield

Of course, some of them are better than others, but Leslie Knope is just as great to watch when she's falling on her face as when she's killing it. The beauty of this show is that she gets to do both, and furthermore, is one of those rare comedic characters who is both likable and multifaceted. She's not just a striving, Tracy Flick-style overachiever; she can also make with the funnies, and fall in love, and deliver a speech perfectly when she's at death's door. All this, plus she's a feminist! It's for these reasons (plus the insanely strong ensemble cast) that I can't wait for the show's next season to start. Watch this video and share in my love for it.

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