‘This Hat Makes Me Feel Drunk!’ Is Just Another Reason We Love Amy Poehler And Jimmy Fallon

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Amy Poehler Cosmo Hat Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 4-26-13

Our spirit animal and soul mate, Amy Poehler, stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, and it was absolutely delightful.  While I'm still heartbroken that Will Arnett may not be in love with her (I can't buy it, I'm sorry) I hope she finds some solace in knowing that a neurotic  wannabe writer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is head over heels for her.  I mean, I'm sure that she does.

Anyway, Jimmy Fallon somehow came across an old, 1935 cover of Cosmo where the cover model actually does eerily resemble Amy Poehler, so obviously he made her wear an antique hat and recreate it for everyone.  Honestly, I'm sure that magazine models were the bee's knees/cat's pajamas in 1930s, but Amy does it better.

These two have so much fun that it makes me want to buy champagne and wear a silly hat and giggle with my dog.  So what, who cares?  Amy has fun with everyone because everyone loves Amy! Hold out for the 2-minute mark, where Jimmy asks her what a lady would say in 1935.  (spoiler alert: sorry, Germans.)  Enjoy!