Amy Poehler Proves Tina Fey Isn’t The Only One Who Can Imitate Her Kids On Cue

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Amy Poehler Jimmy Kimmel Live 2013

Every day I wake up and I think, “There's absolutely no way Amy Poehler could possibly make me like her more. It's just not going to happen.” It's an unusual thing to think immediately after waking up, but there you have it. But then I go about my day and discover more and more reasons to add to my “Reasons I Like Amy Poehler” list. I have a list like that for every celebrity, but the one that tends to get the most traffic is the Amy one. The Justin Bieber one, on the other hand, desperately needs dusting off. I'll get around to it eventually. Right after I write this post, I'm going to add “hilariously imitating her kids” to Amy's list.

You might have thought that Amy's BFF Tina Fey, whose list gets just as much traffic, was the only one who could imitate her children on talk shows. Her stories about her daughter Alice are consistently side-splitting, and recently she's started imitating her sociopath of a daughter Penelope. We always knew Amy's sons Archie and Abel Arnett were adorably underrated, but she's not as known for imitating her kids as Tina is. Well that all changed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Amy wasted zero time testing out her Abel and Archie impressions. From Archie coming home from kindergarten and making comments to Amy that sound like the end of “a bad game of telephone” to Abel's adorable lisp and all the opportunities it provides for comedy, Amy knows how to capture her sons' personalities. She and Tina need to start a show where they imitate their kids for an hour every night. Clearly this video is a must-watch, and as a bonus Amy will teach you what furniture means. What's not to love?