Amy Poehler And John Hamm Are Throwing An Emmys After-Party For The Losers, Thus I Demand An Invitation

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Amy Poehler And John Hamm Are Throwing An Emmys After Party For The Losers  Thus I Demand An Invitation Amy Poehler book deal 640x812 jpg

In what might be Amy Poehler‘s second best collaboration of all time (the first obviously being Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting the Golden Globes), she’s joining up with Jon Hamm to throw an Emmys after-party that celebrates everyone who does not end up winning an Emmy.  Ummm… hello!  I am a loser!  I’ve never even been  nominated for an Emmy, therefore have never even had a chance to lose out on one, therefore making me the Loseriest of Losers.  I’m pretty sure I meet the requirements to attend and then some. It’s the perfect time and place to hand in my personal application to be Amy’s new BFF while I’m there, since I heard she’s in the market for one.

The idea was coined after Kristen Wiig threw a party called the “Losers Lounge” last year post-Emmys:

“We called it the Losers Lounge because nobody that was there won and it kind of stuck,” Hamm said. “We were like, ‘That was a really fun party. We should do that again, but we should do it bigger and better and invite our friends who aren’t going to win either and we’ll have a good time with it.'”

You know what?  Even if I did win an Emmy, I’d pretend I didn’t or convince everyone not to vote for me just so I could be welcomed at this awesome bash.

“We figured that the winners get celebrated enough so we thought it was about time that the losers get celebrated,” Hamm explained. “And Poehler and I are friends from a long time ago and every year when we would lose the Emmy we would kind of wink at each other and call each other loser for the rest of the night.”

That’s another thing.  How have Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler not won Emmys?  Doesn’t that kind of grind your gears?  Though I must admit, the Losers Lounge sounds like a much more fun time.  I mean, consider this: if you win, it’s not as if it’s acceptable to go and get totally schwasty and celebrate.  You have to actually talk to people first.  And not just people, but reporters.  Who will quote you.  And take your picture with your lil’ Emmy.  Whereas the Losers Lounge, I’m assuming, is the kind of par-tay you just barrel into honey-badger-don’t-care style, and have a blast with some of the funniest and coolest television actors of all time.  Not too shabby.

But fear not, even if you are one of those Type-A Emmy “winners” you can still come to the losers after-party, says Hamm’s ladyfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.  But there’s a catch: “You have to actually check your Emmy at the door and donate a $1,000 dollars to a charity.  We might end up doing a lot for humanity on Sunday night.”

I love everything about this and then some.

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