Amy Poehler Gave A New Mom Her First-Class Seat, Because Who Needs A Plane When You’ve Got Angel Wings?

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Sometimes in the middle of all the gossip and scandals and lawsuits and feuds, it's nice to hear a story about a celebrity being a good person. And there are few people who fit the bill for that better than Amy Poehler. What wonderful thing did she do this time? Gave up her first-class seat on a plane to a mom with a new baby. Also known as the definition of awesomesauce.

It was a flight from Los Angeles to New York, and Amy apparently saw that the mom was having a hard time with both the baby and her luggage, so she offered up her larger plane seat to help her out. According to a source, the mom didn't immediately accept, but Amy absolutely insisted:

“The woman kept refusing the offer, but Amy wouldn’t budge. She literally had to push the mom into her first-class seat. It was really sweet.”

And then there was a great big rumbling sound and the sky opened up to reveal blinding light as God himself peeked down from the heavens, patted Amy on the head in approval, and granted her with a pair of beautiful angel wings as bells rang all over the world. In that moment, everyone knew that Amy Poehler was an actual angel. Then she strapped on her wings and flew the whole trip alongside the plane, waving to the people inside and making silly faces.

You can tell me that's not how it happened all you want, but I refuse to believe anything else is true. I know she has a halo hiding under those golden tresses of hers. She ain't fooling anyone. And there's simply no way anyone could be that funny without a little divine intervention. One day that baby's gonna grow up and hear this story and tell all his or her friends, “When I was little an angel was nice to me and my mommy, and that angel's name was Amy Poehler.” I'm not crying, you're crying!

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