Amy Poehler Casts Game Of Thrones With Parks And Rec Characters, Glory Ensues

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Amy Poehler attending Independent Spirit Awards February 2013There's just something about Amy Poehler, you guys. And no, not the kind of thing where she sees something gooey hanging off of Ben Stiller‘s ear and puts it in her hair; nothing like that. She'd never be caught dead with a case of spermhead, but even if she did, we'd all copy her just like everyone copies Regina George in Mean Girls. Featuring Amy Poehler! See what I did there? It came full circle!

Anyway, what I mean is, there's something about Amy that allows her to make big ballsy statements about the quality of her show or her own life experience or the lessons she's learned that never comes off as braggy or preachy. She just sounds like one person talking to another person, her kind, thoughtful ideas tastefully interspersed with delightful cackles in such a charming way that it immediately convinces you that you two should be the best of friends. It's uncanny. (Particularly so considering I've only ever had daydream conversations with her and never in real life, so I'm dreaming up this whole theory relying solely on the powers of Ask Amy and the rest of YouTube. IMPRESSIVE, NO?)

But double anyway, the latest way that Amy had swindled my heart into loving her even more was with an interview with Time Out New York in which she discusses her crew, New York, comedy, and her life in general. There are a lot of gems that will make you want to gab with her over a cronut, but I particularly enjoyed her re-casting of Game Of Thrones with the Parks And Rec cast:

Time Out New York: Parks has such a great cast. What other shows do you guys look to for inspiration?
Amy Poehler:
We always joke that Parks is like the comedy Wire. [Laughs] If The Wire was a comedy and it was a small town. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: I think our cast is the best on TV in comedy or drama. If you put our cast in any other show—Game of Thrones, Mad Men—we’d all be able to deliver. Singing, dancing, drama, sex, documentary—all of it.

You guys can do it all.
Without a doubt, with our eyes closed.

So if the cast of Parks and Rec were dropped into Game of Thrones, who would be whom?
Well, come on, I would be Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen], of course. Ben would probably be Jon Snow, because he’s so tormented. Ron would be Stannis Baratheon.

And Tammy 2 would be his Melisandre.
Amy Poehler:
Yes! And Tom would be… Uh oh, I hate to break it to Aziz [Ansari], but Tom would be, like, Theon Greyjoy, which is not good right now. Ann would be Sansa, April would be Arya, and Andy would be one of the dragons. [Laughs]

Guys, how can you not be obsessed with this lady? Anyone with such an intimate knowledge of Game Of Thrones is fine with me. And props for casting Andy as a dragon; since dragons don't wear shirts, it'll give us a better opportunity to take a gander at Chris Pratt‘s awe-inspiring man-castle.

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