Here’s The Amy Poehler Commercial That Made Me Like Celebrity Endorsements

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amy poehler commercialLeave it to Amy Poehler to make me start liking celebrity endorsements. Our fave-funny-gal-pal-who-we-wish-was-our-older-sister premiered in her very first commercial tonight for Best Buy during Super Bowl 47. While I usually hate when my celebrity crushes start endorsing random products, I'm definitely making an exception for Amy Poehler. Why? She made me laugh! During a commercial! That occurred during a 14-hour football game! Never in my wildest nightmares did I ever think I'd crack a smile during a sporting event, let alone laugh.

Not only that, but she also came like herself — and not just a version of herself that needs more money to buy more houses with more infinity swimming pools. It's like when Tina Fey did the commercials for Garnier Fructis and I was all like, “oh, Tina, I thought you were better than a rich person pretending to use drug store shampoo!” But alas, I quickly learned she wasn't. Blerghs all around!

And that my friends (and frenemies) is why this Amy Poehler commercial should set the trend for future celebrity endorsement commercials. Keep it real, keep it genuine and keep it funny. You can't go wrong.