Watch Amy Poehler Call Out Male Privilege In The Most Charming Way Possible

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Amy Poehler on The Approval Matrix with Neal Brennan August 2014Guys, is it too late for me to be Amy Poehler when I grow up? I won't be twenty-seven until next week, so I feel like there's still time for me to become her completely before I reach adulthood, right?

I'm hoping so, because Amy has this incredible ability to say speak openly about exactly what and how she feels…without ever sounding mean. She's just an endless font of kindness and sunshine and good advice, so even when she verges on snarky, it just comes off as honest. Like in this new clip with Neal Brennan, for example, which is a preview from next Monday's episode of The Approval Matrix (at 11:00pm ET on Sundance TV!), where she essentially calls him out on his white male privilege, but never actually says anything mean or hurtful. HOW DOES SHE DO IT I WANT IT.

Anytime I decide to say something truthful to someone that they maybe don't want to hear, I have to gird my loins for hours about it, so by the time I get around to saying anything, I'm red-faced and my voice is strained and I can only make eye contact with the tips of my shoes. In contrast, how is Amy just sitting there like a normal person, confident that her opinions are right, and that even if the other person doesn't agree, she's presented herself successfully? Does not compute.

Anyway, Neal is basically saying he doesn't get what women want anymore, because all of a sudden it isn't enough to be just a nerd or be yourself, you have to be strong and adorkable and all this other conflicting stuff too. He has no idea how that's supposed to work, and instead of being like ‘UM YEAH DUDE I KNOW WELCOME TO MY WORLD', Amy calmly and rationally puts it perfectly into perspective. I'm not even gonna quote her because I want you to watch it for yourself.

She's…a magician. A wonderful feminist magician and I love her. Honestly though, she never ceases to amaze me. Gotta get offline now and practice making points without involving eye rolling and flecks of spittle. The struggle is real.