Hey Everybody, Let’s Stalk Amy Poehler’s Brother Greg!

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Amy Poehler's brother GregOkay, so maybe ‘stalk' is too strong a word, but this is the first time ever I realized that Amy Poehler had a brother, so it's time to do some non-creepy sleuthing. Well. Maybe a little creepy. His name is Greg, and the reason I heard about him is that he and Amy are starting a Swedish production company called Syskon, to develop and produce half-hour comedies there. Why Sweden, you might ask? Yes, excellent question. One must always ask ‘why Sweden?'. Well, it's because Greg lives there with his wife and kids, who are bilingual and presumably adorable. I know this because the first comedy that Syskon will produce will be the story of a New York accountant who moves to Sweden to be with the woman he loves — the true life story of our new friend Greg. They are also looking for a way to air the show in the United States as well, so don't everybody rush into moving to New York, going to school to be an accountant, and trying to find a Swedish penpal with whom to fall in love and abandon your city life. There are other options, JUST BE PATIENT.

As far as Greg, all I've been able to find out is that he's younger than Amy, has a certain number of kids, and sometimes, when the year is 2011 or 2012 he does stand-up in San Diego or Stockholm, as evidenced by his YouTube channel, where he tells a funny story about his three-year old son accidentally calling an elderly New York woman a ‘crazy whore'.

He also has a funny Twitter and sometimes guest-stars on the male version of Ask Amy, called Boy's Minute. And that's all my sleuthing has turned up, because as obsessed as I am with Amy, I'm not obsessed enough to buy a plane ticket to Sweden and press my nose up against some guy's window to watch his life unfold! That's just me being me.

(Image: Björn Berglund / SR via sverigesradio)