My Top 10 Most Favoritest Things About Birthday Girl Amy Poehler

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Happy 41st birthday to Amy Poehler, a hilarious, talented performer at the tippy top of my ladycrush list. I get that everybody's different, and we all like different things in our friends, or celebrities, or celebrities that we daydream are our friends, but those rules do not apply to Amy Poehler. I defy you to not like her. Try it, even for five seconds. TRY IT. See? You can't do it! Amy is one of those people who strikes me as so all-around nice, that I just can't imagine anyone not being as obsessed with her as I am. I look at her career and her life and her choices, and I'm, like, overwhelmed with the amount of work I still have to do to be even a tenth of that amount of awesome. She writes, she directs, she acts, she improvs, she divorces, she mothers, she advises, and she gets awards, and she does it all without being a douche. (Or seeming like one, anyway. Wouldn't it be hilarious if she's secretly a terrible person who eats raw fingers and she's had us all fooled?)

Have I made it clear yet that I'm super impressed with in love with this lady? Good. So in lieu of creepily seeking her out on some street corner right now and asking her to sign my boob, I'm gonna settle for writing a blog post that she'll never see telling her all my favorite things about her! That's almost the same as being her best friend, right? RIGHT.

So let's hear it for…my top ten most favoritest things about birthday girl Amy Poehler.

1. As the lead on Parks and Recreation, I have no doubt that she could've picked any available Hollywood leading man to play her love interests. But instead, she chose Louis C.K. and Adam Scott, two of my nerdiest man-crushes. Anyone who'd choose to swap spit with them over someone boring and hot is pretty great in my book.

2. Her kids' names are Archie and Abel. Come on, that's awesome.

3. This picture. Yes, that's her.

4. The fact that she co-founded the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv theater here in New York that has literally changed my life.

5. She's the queen of amicable break-ups: she and UCB's Matt Besser dated, broke up, and then continued working closely together with mutual respect, and Amy and Will Arnett announced their separation earlier this year (prompting my heart to break into a thousand tiny pieces and flap away into the dawn), but have pledged to remain friends.

6. Her Dakota Fanning impression from her time on Saturday Night Live. Yes please all the time.

7. Her laugh. Please refer to the Parks and Rec gag reel for verification that it's the best laugh ever.

8. The fact that she's friends in real life with Tina Fey.

9. The mom in Mean Girls.

10. Ask Amy. If you want to spend a few minutes feeling conflicted, I encourage you to watch this series of videos of Amy giving real advice to young girls. For me, it was a confusing combination of feeling happy that a webseries like this exists and mad that I didn't have access to it when I was a gangly little mistake, growing up.

Amy, I don't know you at all, but happy birthday to a fellow Virgo. And you should know, woman-to-woman, we're all really proud of what you're doing out there.


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