Watch Amy Poehler Pretend To Be Pitbull And Then Make People’s Lives By Revealing Her True Identity

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Amy Poehler Billy on the Street Pitbull mask April 2014

There are some things in this world that we should just enjoy without needing any explanation. This video of Amy Poehler running up to people in a Pitbull mask and then pulling it off to reveal her true identity is one of those things. There's no need to question it, just like there's no need to question anything else Billy Eichner does on Billy on the Street. Just let the weirdness envelop you like a warm pop culture hug.

This is all part of Billy's new segment “It's Not Pitbull – It's Amy Poehler!” Pretty simple concept that unfortunately requires a very terrifying mask of the singer Pitbull. Any paper mask with eye holes automatically gets filed away in the part of my brain where nightmares live. Fortunately, however, Billy's not as cruel as his constant shouting might make it seem, so he doesn't let the people of New York think they've just run into a rando in a Pitbull mask. He has Amy take it off to reveal that surprise! It's not Pitbull — it's Amy Poehler!

I don't think I've ever been more jealous of anyone than I am of the people who got to see Amy Poehler a foot away from them without even asking for it. Some of them react appropriately, with and excitement and faces that say “I will remember this moment for as long as I live.” Especially the guy in the black knit cap who just lets out a guttural scream. He's got the right idea. Other people… not so much. Like the guy who's just like, “Oh hey nice to meet you” and then makes small talk about the kind of day he's having. Amy and Billy have an appropriately outraged reaction. Then there's a guy at the end who declares her “much better than Pitbull.” Umm yeah, and also the sky is blue and cows say moo.