Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Quizzing People About Christmas Carols Should Be A New Holiday Tradition

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Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Quizzing People About Christmas Carols Should Be A New Holiday Tradition Amy Poehler Billy on the Street You know me gif

Christmas has come early, everybody. Once you watch this video of comedian Billy Eichner running around New York City with Amy Poehler quizzing people’s knowledge of famous Christmas carols, you won’t even care if you get gifts this year. This is enough of a gift on its own. If you’re not familiar with Billy Eichner, you really should be. He hosts a show called Billy on the Street where he tests people’s pop culture knowledge on the street and usually ends up screaming at them. Last night he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere a new segment featuring Amy Poehler. I’m assuming I don’t have to explain who she is, because if you’re a normal person you have a shrine to her in your home.

Billy and Amy dressed up as old-fashioned carolers and set out to sing some Christmas songs with strangers. Amy even has tiny little spectacles resting on the tip of her nose, which is so adorable it makes puppies jealous. Amy starts the video as a great contrast to Billy, who spends a lot of time scolding for people who don’t know what lyrics come next in the songs. She comforts the losers and greets people with a smile. But toward the end of the video, when someone dares to say they don’t know who she is, things take an intense turn. No one doesn’t know who Amy Poehler is, like I said before. Even Amy Poehler won’t tolerate that.

I know I’m not the only one thinking we need to make this segment a holiday tradition. And by holiday tradition I really mean a weekly tradition. And by weekly tradition I really mean Billy and Amy should do this forever and ever on a livestream like The Truman Show. But I realize that’s a little excessive, so I’d be willing to accept them doing it twice a day with a lunch break in between. I’m not a monster.

Billy on the Street returns to Fuse on March 12th, 2014, so mark you calendars and prepare to laugh yourself silly.

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