Amy Poehler And Aubrey Plaza Had A Make Out Party And Forgot To Invite Us

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Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza kissing on the Parks and Rec set August 2013

Did you somehow misplace the part of your brain that adores Amy Poehler? What about the part that adores Aubrey Plaza? Well, don't you fear, my friend, because I think I found where those parts of your brain are hiding. They're right here in these photos of Amy and Aubrey kissing on the set of Parks and Rec in Los Angeles. That's right. They're no longer on location in England but have made their way back to the states, where make out parties are just a daily occurrence. The Brits have their afternoon tea, the Americans have their afternoon kissing. It's what our founding fathers fought for, in addition to general independence and those microwaveable bagel pizzas. Unfortunately we weren't invited to this make out party (I guess the invitation got lost in the mail — darn postal service), but we are able to stare at it in the form of these amazing photos. As you can see, there's a real make out progression here. It started as just a little light eye-gazing and escalated to the kind of foot pop that would make Mia Thermopolis blush.

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza kissing on the Parks and Rec set August 2013 2

I guess it's pretty obvious they're faking this for the paparazzi, hopefully with “I Kissed a Girl” playing in the background for effect, but Aubrey has already made it clear that they're like so totally in love and stuff. She told Rolling Stone the following.

“She’s already kind of my girlfriend, and I’m not saying that in a jokey way. We had a moment last year, late at night, when we decided we were gonna end up together. For now, we have to let boys come and go, but we’re kind of in love.”

Umm, I don't know about you guys, but after seeing these photos and reading that comment, I'm seeing stars and fireworks are going off over my head, which is very concerning because I'm indoors at the moment. I think Nick Kroll better watch out. And Tina Fey, too, for that matter. There's a former teen hag trying to steal their lady.

(Photos: Icono,PacificCoastNews.com)