Amy Poehler Proves Tina Fey Isn’t Her Only Friend By Being All Over Aubrey Plaza

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Amy Poehler Aubrey Plaza Afternoon Delight premiere August 2013

(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)

I feel so ashamed of myself for not getting on the Amy Poehler/Aubrey Plaza friendship bandwagon earlier. It's like Amy and Aubrey were driving the bandwagon right past my house and blowing the whistle (That's what bandwagon drivers do, right?) while I just sat there obsessing over Amy's friendship with Tina Fey and yelling for them to stop blowing that whistle so loud. I spent so much time dreaming about Tina and Amy hosting everything from the Oscars to the Super Bowl to my trip to the supermarket and fantasizing about being their third wheel that I completely overlooked the fact that for one, Amy Poehler has other friends, and for two, Aubrey Plaza is a perfectly acceptable one. In fact, she's proving more than acceptable. She's above acceptable. Extra-acceptable, if you will. And they even have the same initials. How did I not realize how perfect this is?

Just look at these photos from Amy and Aubrey's movie date last night at the premiere of Afternoon Delight. They're all over each other, just like they were last week when they had a goofy fake make-out session on the set of Parks and Recreation. Because, oh right, they're on the same show, which leaves even more opportunity for an adorable celebrity friendship. If this isn't true love, I don't know what is. It's almost like Amy purposely wore sneakers and Aubrey purposely wore heels so it would look silly and adorable when Aubrey bent down to rest her head on Amy's shoulder. And just look at this next photo. They're like, “Oh, what's that? We're at a movie premiere? People are taking pictures of us? Sorry, we were too distracted by the rays of friendship radiating between us.”

Amy Poehler Aubrey Plaza Afternoon Delight premiere August 2013

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Don't worry, though. Nobody's trying to drive a wedge between Amy and Tina. Unless it's a wedge salad that they're splitting with a glass of wine and fun conversation, in which case, go ahead and drive that wedge in there. I approve! But I'm not talking about a wedge salad here. There's enough room in Amy's friendship basket for both Tina and Aubrey. And I think I spot a tiny area in the corner where I'd fit. Excuse me while I just squeeze in there. What do you mean I have to make a reservation in advance? Ugh, excuse me, guys, I have to deal with this.

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