Amy Poehler’s Newest ‘Ask Amy’ Episodes Makes Me Wish I Was In Middle School Again

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Amy Poehler s Newest  Ask Amy  Episodes Makes Me Wish I Was In Middle School Again Ask Amy episode 19 courage Amy Poehler jpgThere’s a new Ask Amy out, aka it’s that special time in my life when I wish I was back in middle school again just so that Amy Poehler and her advice could be a beacon of light at the end of my existential preteen tunnel. I still listen to her advice as a twenty-five year old human, AND I LOVE IT, but sometimes it’s glaringly obvious that it’s intended for someone younger than me. For instance, I rarely have time in between classes to finish up homework I didn’t get to last night or reconnect with friends…on account of I don’t have classes…or homework…or friends. *SOB*.

This newest episode doesn’t have an Abel Arnett cameo, sadly, but it is about Courage, in the form of a girl who really loves performing but can’t get up the courage to do it. She says she finds herself staying near the background and wants to build up the nerve to step out and give it a try. Oooh ooh, me also! I also need to build up the courage for something! The difference is that my something is asking Amy Poehler to be my best friend, but I figure her advice still applies.

In this case, her advice is JUST DO IT. Apologies to Nike, of course. The only way to find out if you’re good at something is to try doing it, the only way to find out if you’re good with someone is to try being with them, and the only way to find out if you like something is just to stand there in it until you know. UGH. AMY. You are very wise, and the youth of the world are lucky to have you. As am I, even though I don’t have braces and a bowl cut anymore. YEAH, that was a thing.