Video: New Episode Of ‘Ask Amy’ Deals With Jealousy, Makes Us Love Amy Poehler Even More

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A new episode of Amy Poehler‘s web series “Ask Amy” is out today, and it continues Amy's practice of giving good advice in a straightforward, well spoken, and relatable manner.

In this episode, Amy deals with a fan question having to do with jealousy, namely: how does one deal with it? First, she says that jealousy never totally goes away and you're always going to have someone else to compare yourself with, which is hard to believe coming from someone so successful, but I guess I believe her. She says the first step is to admit that you're jealous, which this person has already done, so good for them. The next steps to being less jealous are, in order:

-Think about what you're grateful for

-Don't root for others' failure (it gets in the way of your own success)

-Don't be one of those “never satisfied” people

-Rejoice in other people's victories

-Become a person who is full of love!

Yeah! If Amy Poehler can do it, so can you!

This is generally good advice for a civilian trying to live their lives in a stress-free way. However, as a rather political person, I do believe that sometimes there are good reasons to be jealous of other people. We live in an inherently unequal society in which some people are born with unfair advantages over others. (This is called “the class system”!) Rather than working to accept this, we can work to change it. If you can channel your jealousy into productive political activities aimed at making things fairer for everyone, I think it's perfectly fine to keep it around. But if it's just making you do things like trip the pretty and popular girl in the lunch room, then you should probably listen to Amy, because that shit ain't helpin' anyone. (And I'm pretty sure that's what she's taking about here.)