We All Have Amy Adams To Thank For Bringin’ Justin Timberlake Back…To Life

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During the red carpet portion of the Trouble With the Curve premiere, Justin Timberlake revealed that co-star Amy Adams saved his life.  While JT and Amy were filming in freezing cold waters in the Blue Ridge Mountains when JT began experiencing symptoms of hypothermia.

“Amy actually saved my life. Unbeknownst to me, I was turning blue and couldn't process a thought, so she actually saved my life. I owe Amy Adams my life.”

He revealed that as he was slipping into the throes of freezing to death, Amy rushed to give him mouth-to-mouth to bring him back to life.  There were no reports of any enchanted woodland creatures assisting Princess Giselle as she kissed her prince alive, but in my head this scenario is reality

When asked about it, Amy Adams was all “Pshh, no big deal”:

“I saved his life; I did. Some people call it mouth-to-mouth, some people call it kissing — any way, it's nice work if you can get it.”

 …As if: a.) This happens all the time in Hollywood; b.) Jessica Biel's career and entire future didn't depend on that single life-saving moment of her betrothed; and c.) former ‘N Sync fans all over the world wouldn't have jumped off of bridges and cliffs in massive droves.  Not to mention that SNL is dangerously close to never being funny again if they don't have JT on to host at least 3 times this season. 

Although I was never a big ‘N Sync fan, I was a huge fan Justin Timberlake's denim on denim wardobe choices back then.  I also can't deny that the man is talented vocally, artistically, and comically.  I'm glad to hear his life was saved by a gentle kiss from one of my favorite ginger actresses.