Amy Adams Looking Wonderfully Pregnant On Good Morning America

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Here’s Amy Adams at ‘Good Morning America’ to promote her new film ‘Leap Year’ in New York City; she’s pregnant but seriously? She looks like she ate a ham and cheese sandwich. That’s it. When I was five months pregnant I could balance entire TV trays on my STOMACH. I walked around all day with stains on my shirt that I had no idea were even THERE, because I couldn’t SEE them. Oh, and let’s not even get started on the heartburn, sciatica, and gas. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. Pregnant ladies are like the fartingest people on the freaking planet, and t:

he worst pat of it is that they’re not cute little baby farts, like you hope they would be, they’re like these gigantic lumberjack farts that smell like whiskey, Chinese food, and garlic. Not good.

Anyway, pics! Now that I’ve put such a great mental image in your head! YOU CAN JUST SMELL THAT, CAN’T YOU.

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image Bauer Griffin