11 Things We’ll Miss About America’s Next Top Model

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Tyra Banks we were rooting for you


Sad news, my friends. The current 22nd season — er, sorry, cycle — of America's Next Top Model will be its last. Host Tyra Banks shared the news yesterday in an Instagram message thanking the show's fans.

I used to be a devoted viewer of the series back in the day, but a few seasons ago I stopped watching. Then this cycle I started back up with it again and was starting to get re-obsessed. And now it's almost over! WHY, TOP MODEL?! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU?! Here's everything I'll miss about this iconic show.

1. The cat fights

ANTM smell bitch


I know we kind of take reality TV drama for granted these days, but Top Model was one of the first shows to offer us weekly doses of girls screaming at each other and then throwing shade in front of a green screen background. Remember that time they had a big fight over low-carb brownies?

2. Tyra Mail!

Leo Tyra mail


Ah, yes. Tyra and her sneaky little riddles about upcoming challenges. Then there was the same message every episode about how “only [insert number] will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.” And they'd all read it together and scream. Good times.

3. The sob stories

ANTM crying


Did you know that facing adversity makes you a better model? It's true.

4. The made-up words

Tyra Banks smize


“Smize” (smiling with your eyes) is obviously the most iconic. But there's also the “tooch,” which involves sticking your ass out in photos, as well as the male equivalent, which is called the “booch.” There's also “flawsome,” which is all about celebrating how awesome your flaws are. And don't forget “POTLEDOM,” which is just a nonsense word Tyra would shout sometimes because it's TOPMODEL backwards.

5. The rotating judges

Tyra Banks Janice Dickinson


There were so many of them, from Nigel Barker to Janice Dickinson to Twiggy to Miss J to Kelly Cutrone. They changed so often I got whiplash.

6. The cheesy commercials

ANTM beautiful wonderful fabulous


Turns out, when you ask models to do more than just smize for the camera and expect them to actually talk, it doesn't always go so well. Bless the crew for having so much patience.

7. The go-sees

ANTM not my fault


There's always at least one model who's like, “I can totally make it to this last go-see with only fifteen minutes to spare.” And then they get back late and are disqualified and suddenly it's everyone else's fault. Also there's so. Much. Running.

8. The crazy photo shoots

ANTM paint


I don't know how this show managed to come up with 22 cycles worth of photo shoot ideas, but they managed. This season the models posed with dogs who looked like them. For real.

9. The makeovers!

ANTM hair damn mess


These girls are willing to do anything to be named America's Next Top Model. Well, anything except get their hair cut a few inches shorter without throwing a fit and acting like the world is crashing down around them. And what is with all the weave mishaps? I swear there's one every season.

10. Feeling like we could totally model if we wanted to

Tyra Banks on top


I know I'm not the only one who watched those challenges and then tested out a runway walk in my hallway or tried face angles in the mirror, thinking I looked totally #fierce enough to be on the show. Don't lie.


Tyra Banks fierce bitch


I mean, I know we'll still have her around sending ridiculous tweets and being her fabulous self, but it just won't be the same without hearing her ask “WHO will be America's Next Top Model?” every week. Adieu, Tyra.