What the America’s Got Talent Winners & Runner-Ups Are Doing Now

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There's no other show quite like America's Got Talent. One moment, you're laughing hysterically at a ventriloquist and their puppet and the next, you're crying your eyes out at a singer's rendition of a song. And of course, we can't forget about the dancers, the circus acrobats, the magicians, the dog acts, and… well, you get the point. It's like your high school talent show on steroids, but 100 times better. And we are obsessed.

So far, we've been introduced to so many talented performers and we see still keep up with a few of them to this day. But we're curious to find out what the past winners are up to now. Since the premiere of season 13 is only a few weeks away, we thought we'd take a little walk down memory lane: