America’s Best Dance Crew 5: It’s Down to Two Crews

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Fly Khicks
[Photo: courtesy of Fanscape]

This week on America's Best Dance Crew, the crews had to incorporate a number of very specific and diffcult dance moves into a longer dance routine. They called it the ABDC Decathlon and all three crews danced to the same music mix. Beat Freaks were voted through to the finale and Quest Crew & Fly Khicks had to battle it out for the other spot. Sadly for the Fly Khicks, they just couldn't do it this time. They were eliminated.

I've been telling you all season long that it was a two crew season this time, and it has come down to those two crews. I have gone back and forth between Beat Freaks and Quest Crew for my favorite routine each week, but this week…Quest Crew all the way! They absolutely brought everything this week and I backed up the old TiVo and watched their dance four times before moving on. All I can say about Quest Crew this week is “WOW!!”

But don't get me wrong, the Beat Freaks were amazing too. I just thought that this week went to Quest for the best dance. Here's the Beat Freaks' routine:

Be sure to watch the finale next Thursday (3/5) on MTV at 10pm ET/PT.

Who do you think will win this season?