America’s Best Dance Crew 5: Illusion Night!

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Dynamic Edition
[Photo: courtesy of Fanscape]

This week on America's Best Dance Crew it was Illusion Night. Each crew had to incorporate an illusion into their dance routine. That's tough! They had to learn to be magicians and make it work within a dance. WOW! Most of them did a great job, but sadly for the Dynamic Edition fans, they just didn't make it past this week. I'm glad that clogging got the chance to be showcased on a national level and even though it's not one of my favorites, I know that it has a ton of fans. I think all dance should be appreciated. They are wonderful cloggers, and I'm happy for them that they made it to week 5 in the show. That's outstanding!

But just as in the previous weeks in my book, it's a two crew show. It's definitely Quest Crew and Beat Freaks that rule season 3. If one of them isn't the season 3 winner, I'll be shocked. Here's Beat Freaks doing the illusion of levitation:

And here are the Quest Crew b-boys, bringin' it when they had to do the illusion of putting an object through someone's body: