The 10 American Idol Scandals That Made The Show Exciting To Watch

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Oh American Idol, I've loved you for eleven very long years. While others have stopped watching, I continue because I love the underdog stories, superstar judges and the insane scandals that always seem to happen. Every season on the hit show, it seems like something, or someone, gets the wrong kind of attention.

Without these huge scandals, the show would've probably lost its charm a while ago. After all, isn't the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey drama the only reason you tuned into this current season? You may not remember some of the huge controversies from past years, but we do, and to celebrate the birthday of Frenchie Davis — one of the most scandalous women in Idol history — we're talking a walk down memory lane.

10. Sanjaya proves to be a voting disaster

In season six, Sanjaya Malakar was a likeable, young guy who wasn't very good at singing. America was stunned that he came in seventh place because he seriously should have been eliminated the first or second week of the big live shows. Apparently Howard Stern and the website Vote for the Worst encourage viewers to do exactly that. Stern claimed he wanted to ruin ‘Idol,' but really all he did was inflate Sanjaya's ego. It's a shame that the singer now has to beg for money underneath New York City.

9. Nicki and Mariah keep going at it

I really do not know what the producers were thinking this season when they picked Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to be judges. I know they might've thought that the drama would be good TV, but the feud  is just getting annoying now. The first fight excited me, but now it's news if the girls DON'T fight. That's all they do, and I'm sick of it. The judges on these competition shows should have chemistry (see The Voice) not tension.

8. Corey Clark has an alleged affair with Paula Abdul?

In season two, Corey Clark was disqualified after it was revealed that he had pending criminal charges. Producers said that he didn't disclose this information to them, so he had to go. Two years after his disqualification, he said that he had an affair with Paula Abdul and she helped him pick out his songs so he would move further in the competition. Um, okay. Like Paula would really do that. She was totes in love with Simon at the time, and we could all see it. Investigators found no evidence of a relationship with the judge, and that was the end of Clark's 15 minutes of fame.

7. Simon doesn't care about the Virginia Tech Massacre  

On April 17, 2007, one day after the shooting at Virginia Tech, Ryan Seacrest was asking contestant Chris Richardson about the tragedy. While they were talking, the camera panned to Simon Cowell who was caught rolling his eyes. Viewers were outraged, and the British judge claimed that he was really scoffing at something Paula said and not the massacre. The next day, one of the show's producer's released a statement about what actually happened saying that Simon and Paula were talking about something else, but it all seemed very bizarre.

6. Producers rig this season for the girls

Okay Idol, I get that a girl hasn't won since Jordin Sparks in season six, but that doesn't mean you have to force us to vote for the girls this season. I've wanted a lady to win for so long, but the way it's happening right now doesn't seem fair. Since the very first episode of the season, we've been reminded of how long it's been since someone with two X chromosomes took home the Idol crown,and it seemed like the judges picked the most BORING guys ever this season to make the girls look even better. I think these girls are very talented, and I'm pretty sure one of them could have made it to the end without all of the constant “VOTE FOR THE WOMEN” reminders.

5. Jermaine Jones Gets Disqualified

In season 11, Jermaine Jones was disqualified for not telling producers about past crimes. He was a favorite of the judges, but he had a few outstanding warrents, so exec producers kicked him off the show. You would think after Corey Clark in season two that Idol would have started doing some very extensive background checks so this wouldn't happen again.

4. Season Four suffers a big voting mix-up

A show like American Idol has a lot of money. We would hope that they would have the cutting edge technology to make sure the very important voting process is done correctly, but one night in season four showed us that they don't. During a live show, three singers had their voting call-in numbers messed up. The wrong phone numbers appeared on the screen during their performances and millions of votes had to be thrown out. The show had to re-air those performances the next night and the audience got to re-vote. Come on Idol, don't spend your millions on those really cool coke cups.

3. A guy lies about his audition story

When a man named Matt Farmer auditioned for the show this season, he brought his daughter to the audition and told the judges an extremely sad story about how he was wounded in the Afghanistan. However, a few of his military friends were confused because they don't recall any of this ever happening to their BFF Matt Farmer, and that's because he lied about the whole thing. Who does that??

2. Jennifer Hudson gets voted off

We all know that J-Hud is a total powerhouse, which is why it was SO shocking that she was eliminated during the Top 7 week in season three. She was a contestant that was expected to go so far in the competition, but she was eliminated very early. Also, the week she was sent home, the two other females in the bottom three were also African-American, and Elton John called the show “incredibly racist.” To make sure an uber-talented performer doesn't go home early again, the judges now have a “save” they can use once during the season. Oh. And Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar.

1. Frenchie Davis turns out to have x-rated photos floating around

First, let me say happy birthday to this fabulous lady. Girl, you really set the bar high for Idol scandals. If you don't remember, Frenchie was disqualified in season two for having taken topless photos in the past. But let's be real, who hasn't done that. I'm pretty sure I have a few topless photos of me in the hospital after my birth laying around somewhere. I hope those don't ruin all of my future hopes and dreams! Frenchie claimed that she was upfront with producers about these pics at the beginning of the Idol process and no action was taken, but two months later, they decided it was inappropriate and kicked her off. But she doesn't need American Idol. She went on The Voice and wowed everyone because Christina Aguilera doesn't care about a dirrrty past.

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