12 Reasons Why American Idol Still Matters

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6.  Clay Aiken

Clay AikenVia Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com

 Are you a Claymate? I was. Kathy Griffin was. Everyone in the world was. Do you even remember the real winner of season two? Ruben Studdard? No. Because Clay Aiken outshined everyone. He's released seven albums, he's been on Broadway  and he was recently on the Celebrity ApprenticeHis first album, Measure of a Man, peaked at number one on the Billboard charts AND he wrote a book (which one of my friends claims is her absolute favorite read….)

7. It's the Original

Via American Idol

Via American Idol


came on way before The Voice, The X Factor or even America's Got Talent. It was the first and original singing competition, and it was/is the best. I think The Voice is great and has a really fresh concept, but when it comes down to it, American Idol has the most simple/direct format and is still thrilling to watch after all these years.

8. The Bad Auditions

Admit that laughing at the untalented people is your favorite part. You're so cruel.

9. Jennifer Hudson

“Oh I'm so depressed that I didn't win American Idol,” says Jennifer Hudson as she cackles and holds her Oscar. Losing the competition was the best thing to ever happen to her. She out-shined Beyonce in Dreamgirls, and I can't watch a show without seeing a Weight Watchers commercial with her in it. She has an OSCAR, guys…not even Leonardo DiCaprio can say that.

10. Guest Judges


(Via Tumblr)

Every year, Idol has on a few guest judges to help with auditions and then guest mentors to help with the actual competition. They are sometimes relevant pop stars, which makes the episodes really fun (but then sometimes they are old stars who my mom loves… and I've never heard of. Not fab, Idol).

11. Someone Always Faints

Another example of how cruel we are as humans. I love watching the people who get so stressed out during Hollywood Week that they faint or get sick. It happens every.single.year. And I'm betting that Mariah Carey will stress out tons of people this year so we will get to see even more medical problems!

12. Carrie Underwood


Via Tumblr

People love Taylor Swift because she bashes her exes in her songs, but I love Carrie, winner of Idol season four, because she bashes the windows of the guys who cheat on her. She's been on six tours and released four albums. Oh also, she's won 116 awards. I bet your ‘Best Effort' basketball trophy is looking pretty silly right now.

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