12 Reasons Why American Idol Still Matters

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American Idol Judges Now

I was 13 when American Idol premiered. I was obsessed with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and I knew they got their starts on a singing competition. Since I wanted to be fierce like Britney, I took an interest in American Idol thinking it would make me a superstar one day. While I gave up on that dream because I sound like a dying dinosaur when I attempt to sing, I have never given up on American Idol. Have I wanted to? Oh.my.god. Yes. There have been some TERRIBLE seasons of that show, and once the awful auditions are over, what's the point?

But I can't stop watching. I love the show, I love Ryan Seacrest (and I def loved Brian Dunkleman too)  and I love the ever-changing judges table. The new season premieres tonight and every year I tell myself I'm not going to care. But I always care, and you should too. Idol still matters, guys!

It gives unknown singers who spend hours signing into a hairbrush an acutal chance to be heard. Would Scotty McCreery, who is from a small southern town, ever been able to singer in front of big time players in the music industry if it wasn't for Idol? Probably not, but now he's an Idol winner and was the first country artist to have their first album debut at number one on the Billboard 200 charts. And even a lot of the top singers who don't win the show go on to do big things because they often get record deals too.

1. Kelly Clarkson


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She's the original Idol and you can't turn hear her songs on the radio without singing along. Do I even need to explain to you how great she is? She's won 2 Grammys, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 4 American Music Awards, and about a million more things. I don't know how she's had the time to do 12 tours or get engaged, but I guess that's because I can't even fathom how someone gets to be as amazing as she is.

2. The New Judge Drama

Umm you guys, I have always wanted to see Mariah Carey diva-out. I relished her old TRL break-down and get so excited when new gossip about her diva ways comes out. And I am ECSTATIC that I get to see it, like, TEN TIMES A WEEK on my TV when she feuds with Nicki Minaj. This video is golden and only a preview of what else is coming.

3. No Air

I hate Chris Brown. I think he's a terrible person. But Jordin Sparks won season six of Idol, and she sings this song. I seriously cannot tell you how much I adore this little diddy. TELL ME HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO BREATHE WITH NO AIR. Now it's going to be stuck in my head all day and probably all year.

4. Phillip Phillips


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He's the winner with the most ridiculous name, but he's having an amazing career so far. Usually the songs that the winners are required to release right after they win are cheesy songs about following your dreams. They don't do well, but Phillip's became the best selling of all the previous winners. “Home” is SUCH a popular song right now, and his record debuted at number four. Not too shabby, P.P.

5. Ryan Seacrest

Ah yes, Seacrest. A short man with more charisma than anybody in the world. Is he cute? No. But did I ever have a crush on him? Yes! He just seems so charming. And when he consoles the contestants who didn't make it, he is so sweet and supportive. Also, he created the Kardashian empire. Seacrest, out.

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