This American Idol Contestant’s Touching Story Will Inspire You Like Crazy

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Lazaro Arbos Project AIP

Hey, there. How are you feeling today? Is the weather to your liking and, if not, would you like me to hack into the ecosystem and fix that for you? Also, how's your inspiration meter looking? Are you prepared to have it filled all the way up and then some by American Idol contestant Lazaro Arbos? Yes? Okay, yes.

The awesome Project AIP, which is an organization that strives to help teens through even the toughest of their struggles, is adding Lazaro to their collection of celeb stories that will inspire the pants off of you. You see, the way that they make a difference is by sharing first-hand stories of triumph by celebrities to remind teens who might feel lost or alone that Anything Is Possible. And now, angelic singer Lazaro is helping the movement by telling the incredible story of his journey to the Idol stage, despite a speech impediment.

Lazaro, who has struggled throughout his life to communicate through his stutter, found that singing was the way that he could express himself the best. And, while I won't give away the beautiful story that he tells in the video, just know that you're in for a treat with a dash of "whoa!" mixed in.