16 Interesting Things You Forgot About American Idol

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In 2018, TV is a world of reboots and spin-offs, and reality TV is no different. We've recently seen the return of beloved shows like America's Next Top Model, and producers in Hollywood are always on the lookout for the next old thing to turn into a new thing once again. Now, it's American Idol‘s turn to come back, just two years after its ‘farewell season' aired in 2016. They don't waste any time.

American Idol was a complete smash when it first premiered in 2002, and it churned out the stars and high ratings for the better part of a decade. Huge music icons like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were discovered on Idol, and many other contestants had hit records and movie appearances after their stints on the show. Things started to slip though, as the competition from other singing shows heated up, and as audiences got tired of the predictable format they'd grown almost too used to during AI‘s 15-season run. Fox pulled the plug in 2016, but now ABC is bringing the show back for a revival 16th season. It may have only been two years since the show got pulled off-air, but there are a lot of things you may've forgotten — or even better, never knew in the first place!