Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence Don’t Have Sex In This American Hustle Trailer, But It Still Looks Good

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Bradley Cooper Christian Bale American Hustle Umbrella Scene

As you might remember from several posts that we wrote earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper rejoined forces with their Silver Linings Playbook director, David O. Russell, to make another movie called American Hustle. Which only made all the J.Law/B.Coops shippers out there think there's some hope that they two will finally fall in love and start dating. While dancing. It's key that they dance at the same speed that they fall in love. And also that Robert De Niro is present at some point. Fantasy relationship rules are fantasy relationship rules and I can't run about changing them up for people who claim that they don't make sense.

Sadly for everyone who out there who dreamed of the two getting together and getting married, Bradley Cooper dipped into a kindergarten classroom one day this past winter and emerged with his current girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse. Who is a real live person and not a trendy fusion restaurant that specializes in various types of bottled waters. We hope she makes Bradley very happy. And that she rarely brings up the fact that he could be her father. Even though it's true. Ugh men and the model cradles they rob.

However the Sukiley relationship doesn't mean we can't enjoy the brand new trailer for American Hustle. Even if it does involve Bradley Cooper giving himself an incredibly unfortunate '70s facial hair makeover that makes me question my prior attraction to him. According to IMDB, it's about political corruption in the '70s and New Jersey and the mafia. Think Real Housewives of New Jersey, but with less financial scams. It doesn't come out until December, but you should already start looking forward to the press tour.

(Trailer Via HGGirlOnFire)