American Hustle Is Ocean’s Eleven For People Who Like J.Law

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Jennifer Lawrence Underwear American Hustle


As someone who loved Silver Linings Playbook, I had high hopes for American Hustle. I also had doubts. So very many doubts. How could David O. Russell possibly put out another good movie starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence one year later? Unless the guy had some serious karma hidden away, all the odds seemed against him. Yet, he did it! I went in to the movie as a skeptic and came out a full-fledged fan. I really liked it. And you will too! Especially if you always wished that Ocean's Eleven had a part written for Jennifer Lawrence.

Like Ocean's Eleven, this movie's about a con artist who's trying to pull off something that feels absolutely impossible to pull off. Like you'll spend the whole time shaking your head and thinking that there's no way this will go perfectly. The big difference between the two con artists is that one's the incredibly beautiful George Clooney and the other is the…incredibly in-character Christian Bale. Seriously, he's like a shapeshifter when it comes to movies. He gets sooooo into his roles that you forget it's him. Which I suppose is the definition of acting — but it's not very many actors who can actually do that. Even though I love me some J.Law, I never forgot that it was her in this movie. Especially since her character's a kook, and as we're learning on her press tour, she's also a kook.

Smoments that make you laugh. I find that funny thrillers are uperficial con artist looks aside, both movies have twists that will surprise you as well so rare to find. And as someone who doesn't handle stress well, I need those light-hearted moments in my thrillerz. There's nothing worse than leaving a movie and feeling like you personally just survived something. (See Gravity for more on this horrid phenomenon.) Although seeing Bradley Cooper's hair all wrapped in curlers did give me slight anxiety. He's such a beautiful man, why do that to him? I know, I knowwww, it's a movie. But still. It hurt to see his hair in such pain.

While I won't ruin the ending of this movie for you, I will say that it's well worth seeing in theaters. Especially if you still haven't gotten over the fact that Ocean's Fourteen never happened.