Jessica Lange Will Play A ‘Glamor Cat Sort Of Lady’ In Season Three Of American Horror Story

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jessicalangeIf seeing Jessica Lange as a mental patient with bad hair and boxy clothes made you feel sad this past season of American Horror Story, weep no more. The next season will be “really about female power” and will feature Jessica Lange restored to her full, glamorous state.

“I got Jessica to do [the third season] because I did everything she asked,” the show's creator Ryan Murphy said yesterday at a press screening of the second season finale (I will assume my invitation got lost in the mail). “I also told her she will have hair, makeup, and the best designer gowns ever made. She’s going to play a real glamour cat sort of lady.” He also said he's reached out to several actors Lange offered to work with, because Jessica Lange should get whatever she wants.

On the topic of “female power,” he said the next season's “enigmatic figure” will be a lady (think the creepy BDSM sex ghost from the first season, Bloody Face from the second). The story will also be set in modern times, and spread over a few different places. And he says it will be “funnier” than Asylum, a statement of which I am skeptical, because I'm not sure there's any way he could top that Anne Frank storyline in hilarity.

All of this sounds good to me except for the setting part, because one thing that made the first two seasons great was the fact that all the madness was centered on a single, evil, geographical location. But I have come to love and fear Ryan Murphy's powers with such intensity that I'm sure whatever he produces will be as terrifying as it is hilarious, so I still can't wait.

(Via Vulture)